Geographic tongue during pregnancy baby girl

Pregnancy in the movies is a beautiful woman with a tiny, perfectly round tummy, who craves a hamburger once, and complains about swollen feet before popping out a 4-month-old.

Real pregnancies are so much more than cravings and not being able to tie your shoes.

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One of the pregnancy symptoms that surprised me the most was how much more wet and sticky everything got. Plus, my nasal passages were so swollen that I felt constantly stuffed up with a runny nose. I felt like I needed a body-sized maxi pad. Why does no one warn you about that?!

We scoured the What To Expect forums and found some amazingly honest moms-to-be who shared the seriously gross and strange pregnancy symptoms they experienced. Your tongue looks like a world map. You have ultra bad breath. One lesser-known but common cause of bad breath are tonsil stonessmall bacteria-covered balls that grow on the surface of your tonsils. I can smell my nasty breath all the time. Pregnancy causes so many changes in hormones understatement of the year!

One such spot? Your scalp. My eyebrows even have flaky skin! Your breakouts take you back to your teenage years. I have been getting large zits all over my hairline, neck and upper back. Acne can be a double whammy as many of the products commonly used to treat it are off-limits for pregnant women. There is help, though! Check out our primer on what causes pregnancy acne and safe ways to deal with it. All you want in life is to finally poop.

Constipation is a super common side effect of pregnancy. You smell a funky new body odor. Pregnancy both increases your sweat production and heightens your sense of smell — a combo that can leave you constantly worried about your body odor.

And some of it can smell really weird, as shown by lovingtriplek. And to be honest, it smells like sperm. I keep asking my SO if he is rubbing it on me while I sleep! I have never had a problem with body odor before. The only other place I sweat now is under or between my boobs, and though that has an odd smell too, it doesn't smell like sperm.

This story is meant to reflect individual contributors' experiences and does not necessarily reflect What to Expect's point of view.

Sore, patchy tongue (Geographic Tongue) WARNING - tongue pic included

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geographic tongue during pregnancy baby girl

I had a minor freak out over the weekend about it not much is known about it so saw my GP. A random virus can kick it off and it can last between a few days and a couple of months. Add a comment. Comments 9 Add a comment. I used to get this as a kid when I ate tomatoes! It was the most random thing. Oh my gosh, that explains so much!! It seems to have gotten better now, but still sensitive to some foods Vegemite!

What is a Geographic Tongue?

Thanks for posting that! So strange what pregnancy does to our bodies. I've had this since I was a child though and mine has never gone away. I always find really acidic food or spicy food mainly upsets mine. Sometimes something as simple as a banana or even potato can be a problem for me. I've always found if it's flared up coating something milky on my tongue helps.

I get this from tomatoes. It becomes less and less frequent and severe. Hopefully it goes away altogether. I got this in my first pregnancy. Less ulcers since then too. Yeh I have the same issue but mines not as bad as it only comes on my left side but I also am getting ulcers. Wasthere anything they said you could do differently to fix it?

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See all in Pregnancy. See all in Preschooler. See all in Life as a Parent.Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pregnancy Community. Geographic tongue? So since I was a early teenager I developed every once in a while these weird white shapes on my tongue they would go away after like a day or so now that I'm 32 weeks pregnant it seems like anything I eat will cause these weird sore shape things on my tongue and make it hurt a lot until I rinse my mouth I Googled it and it seems like I have geographic tongue It grosses me out!!

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geographic tongue during pregnancy baby girl

I'm 39 weeks and I have a very active little boy. I tried drinking apple juice and laying on my sid What if im not taking my prenatal vitamins? Well, I'm currently 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant: but I stoped taking my prenatal vitamins because the pill itself makes me gag a lot beca Worried beba I havnt taking my prenatals for like a month I be forgetting can that harm or hurt my baby?

Can I take Children's Multivitamins? My prenatal vitamins make me burp and throw up everything I eat This just started a week ago. Can I take the children's multivitamins If it is geographic tongue then it is probably caused by one of the following: 1.

Vitamin definciency try changing up your daily vitamins and do a blood test to see which you are lacking 2.

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Mineral deficiency again a change in vitamins can help 3. A food allergy have an allergy test done if you think it may be this 4. An inablility to properly absorb vitamins and minerals. Your intestines may not contain the balance of flora necessary for them to work properly. If I had to guess id say it's either 1 or 2 and that your symptoms have worsened due to your change in daily vitamins since pregnancy pre-natals.Top Rated Hospitals See All.

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7 Gross Pregnancy Symptoms I Wish I Had Known About Before Getting Pregnant

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geographic tongue

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Find a Hospital. Our exclusive hospital ratings help you find a doctor who can treat you at a 5-star hospital, dramatically lowering risks. Colloidal silver is marketed as a remedy for infections including COVIDbut there is no scientific evidence of any colloidal silver benefits.

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Bronchitis recovery time depends on the cause—infectious vs. Learn about the typical bronchitis recovery timeline for different types of bronchitis. Pain With Deep Breathing. Learn what causes chest or back pain with deep breathing, including pain in the left or right side when taking a deep breath. Load More. Answers to Your Health Questions. Trending Videos.So, I suffer from this thing called Geographic tongue and i absolutely hate it. And ofcourse mine has pain. Well, mine is basically these patches of missing taste buds, large or small, that sometimes have white raised lines of taste buds surrounding them.

Sometimes lesions and painful red spots. It can be caused by certain types of food like foods high in acidity or citrus. Hormones are another big factor that can affect the frequency. It doesn't always cause me pain, but yesterday i was eating some peaches and i wanted to scream! It started to burn, then hurt to move my tongue so i had to wash it out several times. It sucks because i love tomatoes and those cause it to burn sometimes too. So not only do i have a rare ear deformity called microtia, but i have a rare tongue thing called geographic tongue and i have the lovely not so common red hair : atleast there is a plus in there somewhere!

The nurse at my son's pediatrician's office said he has geographic tongue, but I dunno You are so right, it sucks and it looks disgusting!!!! I was told by my orthodontist that I had it back in 11th grade.

It has progressively gotten worse, and right now I'm battling a spot on the side of my tongue. Mine generally looks like the one on top.

He is lucky then that his doesn't cause him pain. It's nothing serious and won't cause any more problems. It just looks weird lol. Sometimes i have one patch, other times i have a million where it seems like my whole tongue is missing all taste buds. Mine didn't use to hurt, but these last few years it has gotten worse. DH still gives me weird looks when he sees it lol. Mines usually the bottom one, but right now it is a mix of both. I hate when it is painful because it makes me not want to eat.

Nobody around here does, that i know of. I've never heard of it but the lighter area on the first picture actually looks like the united states Just saying. I googled it just a few minutes ago, and one of the wikipedia articles said that it has been linked to psoriasis, and my grandma has psoriasis. One of those things I've always dealt with and never had anyone else with the same thing. Here are some pics of what mine usually looks like, These pics are not of my tongue though. Oh, Does anyone else on here suffer from Geographic tongue?Ever since I got pregnant I have suffered this and now im closer to my due date its worse.

Is this due to baby taking nutrients from me? Its annoying and uncomfortable and stings sometimes for example brushing my teeth.

geographic tongue during pregnancy baby girl

I hope it goes away when baby comes. Anyone else had this at all while pregnant or is suffering from it at the moment? See more. Go on reading below Your browser cannot play this video. See last answer. I have this and have done for years i thought geographical tongue was when bits of your tongue is worn down?

Search a thread. Yea i think it is. But something must trigger it like lack of certain nutriants maybe? Not many people have heard of it not even my midwife! Lol I had it when i was little my mum said but i cant remember, and now since pregnancy have it again. Similar threads Becoming a mum: pregnancy Thrush on tongue during pregnancy. I'm sure I have this too! I even asked the doc about it once but just got fobbed off so now I try to avoid anything that makes it hurt, such as Bloody random I know but if I eat humous my tongue feels like it's on fire!

Go on reading below. I have heard of this condition, I do know that tobacco, Hot, spicy, or acidic foods or dried, salty nuts and toothpaste with additives, whitening agents, or heavy flavouring can cause the symptoms.

I suggest you see a dentist, just to rule out any oral conditions - I. Hope I helped Dentist says its ok and they have no concerns. I do love spicy foods tho lol maybe thats the trigger oops! I might take some paracetamol on bad days as some days are worse than others.

Thank you. Can't find your answer?

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Create a thread. Help See chat rules.Geographic tongue results from the loss of tiny hairlike projections papillae on your tongue's surface. This papillae loss appears as smooth, red patches of varying shapes and sizes. Geographic tongue is an inflammatory but harmless condition affecting the surface of your tongue. The tongue is normally covered with tiny, pinkish-white bumps papillaewhich are actually short, fine, hairlike projections.

With geographic tongue, patches on the surface of the tongue are missing papillae and appear as smooth, red "islands," often with slightly raised borders. These patches lesions give the tongue a maplike, or geographic, appearance. The lesions often heal in one area and then move migrate to a different part of your tongue. Geographic tongue is also known as benign migratory glossitis.

Although geographic tongue may look alarming, it doesn't cause health problems and isn't associated with infection or cancer. Geographic tongue can sometimes cause tongue discomfort and increased sensitivity to certain substances, such as spices, salt and even sweets. Geographic tongue can continue for days, months or years.

The problem often resolves on its own but may appear again at a later time. Geographic tongue is a minor — although sometimes uncomfortable — condition. However, lesions on the tongue may indicate other more-serious conditions of the tongue or diseases affecting the body in general. If you have lesions on the tongue that don't resolve within 10 days, see your doctor or dentist. The cause of geographic tongue is unknown, and there's no way to prevent the condition.

There may be a link between geographic tongue and psoriasis and between geographic tongue and lichen planus. But more research is needed to better understand possible connections. Studies of factors that may be associated with an increased risk of geographic tongue have produced mixed results. Factors that are likely associated with an increased risk include:.

Geographic tongue is a benign condition. It doesn't pose a threat to your health, cause long-term complications or increase your risk of major health problems. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products.

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