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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "meeting-people" Showing of Actually, wisdom is seeing the elevator behind it that would have taken you to the top floor. Every person you know is a book; world is full of walking books; some are boring, some are marvellous, some are weak, some are powerful, but they are all useful because they all carry different experiences of different paths!

But we all meet each other for a reason because every person is a personal lesson waiting to be told. Even so, of the many different people a person on average meets it is rare for one to fit almost immediately in harmony and general interest. For all the choices available the odds are enormous. The miracle is there to be grasped. A 1s and 10s model means that if you want to be a 10 for somebody you have to risk being a 1 for somebody else.

Judging them.

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The memory of them will keep hope alive forever. Learn from each person! We devour each other, tell all our stories, and then move on. Things here are not stable. It means becoming the type of person other people want to meet. You should always try many lines!

Greeting in this sense is proactive. Paul commanded the believers to go and greet the people he listed. The word 'greet' is not just saying 'hi' when walking past someone. The word for 'greet' in the Greek means: to embrace, to be joined, a union, to visit or joyfully welcome a person.

Greetings include intimate dialogues with another person. Paul was commanding whoever received his letter to take continual action to go and greet those he listed. Because believers today are to obey the Scriptures just as the first century, they should take similar action and go and greet brothers and sisters in other groups. We meet many people and each person leaves behind a part of himself or herself with us.

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And then one day the writer's life becomes a story! I talk to silences. I inhale the myriad fragrances of silences. I remember all the people who I have crossed paths with. I write down from the memories that I have made and the memories that I continue to make when I meet people: some of the most interesting and some of the loveliest of people. I like keeping my beard and moustache; it gives me a sense of maturity. I try to write down all my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Some of these I am unable to write in detail as I felt them when I felt them. I like the sound of the typewriter or keyboard; it is symphony to me. I write. I am a writer. I like silences. It's what we observe. People can tell us anything they want.There's no quicker path to writer's block than to sit down and attempt to express your love through words. Our hats are off to those of you writing your own wedding vows! But have no fear—love quotes for her can help you fill in the gaps and figure out exactly what to say to win her heart for good.

Consider your lady love lucky, because here, we've gone straight to the pros to gather a list of love quotes for her that she'll never forget. When you want to be direct, there's no better way than to prepare an "I love you" quote for her. Love quotes for her that come right out and say those three little words are the best way to tell her without question that you love her—and that's exactly what she wants to hear from you!

My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches. I love you.

Cochabamba Prepares for the Most Massive Meeting Since Evo's Return

I believe in you completely. You are my dearest one. My reason for life. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on. I know I love you. I know you love me. And it would destroy me to have you just a little. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up.

I just got stuck. Skip the sappy and opt for something cute and fun for your honey when you want to tell her you love her while keeping it light. Scribble one of these cute love quotes for her before you leave in the morning and she'll be all yours when you see her again. Even so, they're better still today. I can't think of who I was before you ruined everything in the nicest way.Trump has been busy challenging the results of the Nov.

He noted that the U. At the East Asia summit later Saturday, U. Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres said the virus had infected at least 14 million people in Asia and killed more than a quarter million in the region.

At least 39 million people could revert to extreme poverty in East Asia alone, he warned. The U. Still, the pandemic remains an enormous obstacle to development and a successful vaccination program will be key to recovery, he said. Earlier Saturday, China, Japan and South Korea sought deeper regional cooperation to battle the pandemic.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said the region must work together toward the development and equitable supply of vaccines and treatments, and establish an effective mechanism to prepare to battle new infectious diseases.

He said the speed of global economic recovery will be very uneven amid trade protectionism and uncertainties in the financial markets. An accelerated transition to a digital economy could also widen the gap between social classes, Moon warned. Ng reported from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Trump skips Asian summits as China set to expand influence. President Donald Trump skipped a virtual summit with his Southeast Asian counterparts on Saturday, the third year in a row that the U.

VNA via AP. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press. All rights reserved.Getting older is a natural part of life — and it can be quite a beautiful part, too.

These funny, insightful, and poignant quotes for women over 50 are all the proof you need. Courtesy of inspiring and entertainaing women such as Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfreythese quotes offer a fresh perspective on what it means to be a woman of a certain age.

Inspiring quotes about women over 50 are an important reminder of that. Can you imagine if beloved celebrities like Betty White decided to hide in the shadows just because they were no longer swimming in the fountain of youth?

We can practically guarantee that the world would be quite different — and not in a good way. Rather than dwelling on the years of the past or worrying about what the future brings, most folks out there find it so much more satisfying to enjoy the here and now. Scroll below to see the best quotes for women over 50, then click on the circular buttons below your favorite image to share it instantly with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

So, it seems only natural that the year-old legend would would want to continue wowing as many people as possible for the rest of her life. The beloved actress has bravely opened up about aging in the spotlight and the responses from critics as she continues to work while she gets older.

We can completely get behind her bold affirmations — and we might even start repeating them to ourselves in the morning.

Think about it: You get one chance to be 25, 38, 44, 61 and every age before and between. Cher has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, especially when it comes to her passion in life: performing.

I believe your age is totally how you feel. And who are we to argue with that? We also have to applaud her enthusiasm for self-care, which is something we could all use a lot of from time to time! We wonder if her playful personality is part of what makes her look so youthful on the outside, too?

At age 70, the rock 'n' roll legend is still rockin' and rollin' — and we're not just talking about her fantastic performances. We also can't help but admire her outlook on aging as a positive one, always emphasizing the cheerful things she sees in her future.

As she told the New York Times back inshe's just following her muse day by day. We'd all do well to follow her example! From her iconic role on Golden Girls to her hysterical turn on Hot in Clevelandthe renowned year-old actress has made an enormous impact on the TV and entertainment industry all throughout her impressive career. In a interview with AARPthe stylish actress opened up about the best ways to age with the right attitude.

As you might expect, the quirky star did not disappoint.

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Now 72 years old, this star is shining brighter than ever before — and we think her positive outlook on getting older has a lot to do with that. Is Sharon Stone reading our minds? The talented actress, who is now 60 years old, has a wise perspective on getting older. While other folks might try to compare their current age to a younger one, the star publicly embraced all her years of life in an interview with New You.

And why not? As she points out, being over 50 is an excellent opportunity to get a fresh start in life — whatever that may mean for you.Overview of all products.

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quote massive meeting for women

For more information, check out our privacy policy. If you incorporate a captivating quote with a powerful image in your presentation, your audience will make connections automatically.

In a professional setting, you need those automatic connections to move your audience to action. You also want to build your authority as a subject-matter expert and trusted advisor.

I designed the quote images using Canva. Life says: She did this. Happiness never decreases by being shared.Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "meetings" Showing of Milne, Once on a Time. Usually, when it will have the greatest impact on our lives.

Happiness instead of duty Was bitter delight to me. Not obliged to speak to anyone, I spoke for a long while. Let passions stifle lovers, Demanding answers, We, my dear, are only souls At the limits of the world.

Trump skips Asian summits as China set to expand influence

There is no such earthly being, Such an earthly being there could never be. We met in an unbelievable year, When the world's strength was at an ebb, Everything withered by adversity, And only the graves were fresh.

Without streetlights, the Neva's waves were black as pitch, Thick night enclosed me like a wall That's when my voice called out to you! And you came to me, as if guided by a star That tragic autumn, stepping Into that irrevocably ruined house, From whence had flown a flock of burnt verse. By the time a big company gets the committee to organize the subcommittee to pick a meeting date, your startup could have made 20 decisions, reversed five of them and implemented the fifteen that worked.

We'll have a sub-committee meeting and get back to you with an estimate. Hamilton, Great North Road.

quote massive meeting for women

Glances that don't intersect Don't know where to come to rest. And only the tears rejoice Because they can flow and flow. Sweetbrier around Moscow, Alas!

quote massive meeting for women

Somehow it is here And all this they will call Love eternal. Thank you.

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In both politics and business, the amount of labor and time wasted in meetings is huge. It never ceases to shock me when I attend a meeting out to find out halfway into it that the organizers have no agenda and, by the end of it, have reached resolution on absolutely nothing.

A strong leader meticulously plans and methodically orchestrates meetings in order to achieve a desired result, or he doesn't hold them. He also hated preparing. But what he really hated above everything else, besides maybe the Empire itself, was meetings. I never meet with perfect strangers in desolate bastle houses or alarmingly named alleyways at twilight.

This trifling quirk I developed shortly after acquiring a large number of enemies. This states that human idiocy multiplies in compound ratio to the number of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.

Browse By Tag. Love Quotes Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.It is estimated that over 50, people will arrive at the Chimore Airport to attend the reception of Evo, who will take a plane to La Paz on Wednesday afternoon. Bolivia's former President Evo Morales arrived at midnight Wednesday in the Tropico region of Cochabamba Department, where is expected the most massive gathering since the leader's return to his homeland, on November 9.

From early morning, the road between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz is saturated with vehicles, so many people must walk over 10 kilometers to get there," Romero assured. Regardless of the hour, thousands of citizens gathered on Avenida Blanco Galindo, the city's main thoroughfare, to greet him," Romero added. The political leader arrived in Cochabamba after a 1,kilometer journey in a caravan that began in the border city of Villazon on November 9 and passed through towns in Potosi and Oruro Departments.

It represents the MAS triumph and the victory of democracy and justice," Romero explained as he recalled that the former president was forced to leave the country exactly one year ago. A year later, he is received with joy by his people," he added.

Lithium is why the UnitedStates -backed a coup in Bolivia. EvoMorales DonaldTrump pic. Live Audio Only. Photo: EFE. Published 11 November Get our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox.

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quote massive meeting for women

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