Thesis or dissertation uk business banking

This paper is a research paper on the topic — Banking Law in the UK. It focuses specifically, on the banking regulations in the United Kingdom, along with a special emphasis on its effect on the ongoing financial crisis in the economy of the UK as well, on the world.

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In other words, the consequences of the regulations of the Financial Services Authority on the present recessionary condition of the economy of the UK are discussed. The thesis will link the banking sector with the law aspect and not the financial aspect.

The paper is restricted to the banking and financial services industry and its regulation. It talks about the law pertaining to the banking activities in the United Kingdom. It will provide an overview of the law of Britain in relation to the banking field and their resulting effects. The key issue discussed in the dissertation is that, what is the impact of the regulations and standards outlined by the authority governing the financial and banking institutions in the UK. The FSA manages the working of the banks in the UK in a manner, that the banks function in an effective manner and it tries to prevent any failures or losses in the banking industry.

Firstly, we will have to identify the meaning of supervision, so that, its objectives can be identified clearly and to what level it plays a role concerning the failure of a bank.

Although, both the terms can be used interchangeably, it is really important to underline the difference. Supervision indicates the activity that the regulator does after it has offered the authority to the bank to be set up. It takes in the monitoring and investigation of the banks, in order to assure that they conduct their business as per the regulators[1]. Though it is not the regulator any more, yet, it has some involvement.

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Before we talk about the effect of the regulations and law of banking on the credit crunch, we will first, understand what the credit crunch is. Obviously, there is a significant relationship between the regulatory authorities and bodies and their laws and regulations for the banks and the entire banking sector.

The credit crunch indicates a crisis caused due to banks that are too nervous to lend money, to the customers or to each other, as well. They charge greater rates of interest wherever they lend money so that, the risk can be covered. In the real world, this means more costly mortgages, more high-priced credit cards and problem for those, who save pension and to the investors in the overall stock market, as well, when they fluctuate.

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In a few worse situations, it also means the repossession and bankruptcy. When we say recession, many of us think it to similar to the credit crunch. Often, there is confusion between both the terms; however, both of them are different.

Recession refers to the two subsequent quarters of negative economic growth. It occurs when the GDP reduces considerably to the level of the full employment[2]. Under recession, there is a considerable reduction in the economic activity disseminated across the entire economy[3]. The condition of recession undoubtedly brings in a huge financial strain, but, it also inspires innovation[4].

In the other words, the credit crunch can either be different from the recession or be a part of the recessionary phase of an economy. But, in any way, recession and credit crunch can not be one and the same. Recently, the disturbance in the economy has been due to the several violations in the financial markets.

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This has attracted several speculative activities in the market on the causes and effects of the credit crunch. The economy has been in a phase of recession under which there is a tightening of the economy and the inflation rate and the unemployment increases in a significant way. And, this continues for a prolonged period of time[5].A dissertation is an extended paper that draws on your own original results or analysis.

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thesis or dissertation uk business banking

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Where to find quality help. First Call Magazine. Here are a few general ideas to help you brainstorm for the perfect subject for your research: Exploring strategies to use online banking technology to attract new customers. The impact of online banking on overall increases in the rates of people opening up new accounts.

Risk factors and security issues inherent in online banking. Mitigating fraud and identity theft accomplished via internet banking. Advantages and disadvantages of internet banking for consumers. Financing as a banking service, and recent developments in this area. The impact of changes in interest rates on investments The rise of offshore banking, and its long-term implications Risk management in investment banking The rise of growing banking sectors in Islamic nations.

The implications of the rise of high-speed trading.The business student can consider a wide variety of dissertation topics in Banking and Finance. Different academic requirements require different levels for finance project topics in banks. MBA Project topics in Banking and Finance take a sweeping look at relevant issues while detailed banking and finance dissertation topics are normally required for professional courses. The […]. Analyzing the impact of electoral results and appointed US Presidents on stock market responses- cases study Trump.

Press coverage, government agendas and financial gains- tracing a theoretical relationship. Do volatility patterns create news or do news events create volatility patterns? An investigation.

thesis or dissertation uk business banking

How sensitive is the impact of implied volatility in major global markets? An evaluation. Considering the rules for investor protection in Europe and understanding the limitations and challenges. A review to understand the issue of competition in banking in emerging markets- the case of Bangladesh.

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Creating a systematic understanding for the mechanism of stock market shock absorption within highly dynamic environments- the case of the UK. Innovation in banking financial instruments- studying the drivers and players of the game in the UK. The effects of banking instability on the financial markets- evidence from across the globe. The significance of earnings management within the Nigerian banking industry- a review. Banking structures, authority systems and financial outcomes- perspectives from the UK.

A comparative review of service delivery in Islamic and conventional banking models. Bank lending policies and protocols in different political environments- review of international banks relative to area of operations.

Mobile banking applications- a review of need, performance and satisfaction in the UK. A discussion on the determinants of bank stability in volatile political environments. Timings for bank lending and impact on relationship formations- creating an understanding. There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writingsend us an email at care dissertationsage.

You will get the topics first as per the given requirements, and then the brief which includes. A list of dissertation topics in banking and finance: The following is a compilation of the most interesting topics in banking and finance: Analyzing the impact of electoral results and appointed US Presidents on stock market responses- cases study Trump.

The novice investor and his consulting guides- a primary investigation.

thesis or dissertation uk business banking

Islamic banking in Europe- has the trend caught on?Book Now. Study of Islamic banking in relation to the current crisis in non Islamic banking and whether Islamic banking can be a viable and safe option of the risk involved in traditional banking format.

For almost four decades, Sharia-based banking and financial institutions claim to be a just and morally-valued alternative for the conventional system Djojosugito, The most essential features of this type of economic system are that it is interest-free and it works on the basis of equal responsibility in the safety and risk, thus equally sharing the profit and loss, unlike the traditional banking system that is founded on interest and which never shares the risk Ismal, Islamic banking is evolving as a new alternative for countries that are facing challenges due to current economic crisis Shashinpoor, In this context this research aims at verifying the role of Islamic banking in relation to current crisis in non Islamic banking.

The Industry of Islamic banking and finance is witnessing an unprecedented growth Djojosugito, The basic concept of Islamic economy is prohibition of riba usurygambling and hoardings that is just opposite to the non Islamic banking.

This concept of banking saves Islamic form of banking from critical conditions like economic slowdown. The Islamic economic system has a centuries-old history. Egypt was the pioneer in experimenting Islamic bank in the modern period. Set up in l, this worked in the form of a savings bank based on profit-sharing, and lasted until l Ready l98lby which time there were nine such banks in the country.

Without charging or paying interest, these banks mostly engaged, directly or in partnership with others, in trade and industry and shared the profits with their depositors Siddiqi l Presently, some countries like Iran, Pakistan and Sudan are attempting complete elimination of the role of interest from their financial systems, and many countries, including non-Muslim ones, are facilitating emergence of more and more Islamic banking and financial institutions.

Nowadays, it is considered as a strong tool to address the challenges of current economic crisis. Only these differences are responsible for the performance of these two forms of banking during crisis.

The methods adopted by Islamic banks and financial systems regarding profit and risk sharing need to be assessed here. There is a clear divergence in practice from the initial theoretical formation of modern Islamic banks that focused on profit-sharing finance towards fixed-return modes such as murabahah and leasing. Profit and risk sharing is not followed in non Islamic banking that pose a challenge to this form banking during economic crisis.

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